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Blast media additive PantaTec Ultimate

PantaTec ULTIMATE significantly improves the wheel blasting process.

PantaTec ULTIMATE: the additive designed for use with circulating metallic blast media that cuts the number of working stages from five to three:

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  • PantaTec ULTIMATE blast media additive allows items
    with oil- and grease-based surface contamination to be
    directly subjected to the wheel blasting process.
    The laborious pre-blasting washing process is no longer
    required, and can be eliminated.
  • PantaTec ULTIMATE is simply added to the blast media
    in the wheel blasting machine. Vital, but now unwanted,
    substances like grease and oil, are simply separated from
    the metallic blast media and the processed metal surfaces
    and can be removed easily from the blasting process. When
    PantaTec ULTIMATE is used to clean the metallic blast
    media, system performance remains consistently high
    (e.g. with a prepared-surface quality of Sa 2.5).
  • PantaTec ULTIMATE removes processing substances from
    blasted surfaces so effectively and thoroughly, that the subsequent
    washing stage can be eliminated.
  • The use of PantaTec ULTIMATE even allows coatings
    that are required to conform to the stipulations of enhanced
    corrosion-resistance category C5 (DIN EN ISO 12944) to be
    applied in a more cost-effective manner.

The technical benefits:No pre- or post-cleaning required

  • Circulating blast media stays free flowing and usable for longer
  • Less soiling of the blasting system
  • Easy removal of impurities from the process
  • The right levels of surface cleanliness and roughness become easier to achieve
  • Fully-approved by renowned coating manufacturers in terms of surface-preparation quality (e.g. Sa 2.5)
  • Significant reduction in processing times
  • Far-lower staffing requirements
  • Reliable preparation for conformity even with enhanced corrosion-resistance category C5
  • Improved operating reliability, thanks to a more-stable process
  • Reduced risk of fire

The economic benefits:

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  • Outstanding reductions in staffing and material costs
  • Much less time-consuming
  • Lower warranty-claim costs, thanks to improved processing rel iability
  • No extra investment required

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