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Manual Injection Blast Cabinet Model Junior

Compact Injection Blast Cabinet Model Junior

Compact and ergonomic in design and suitable for use with fine-grained, inert and mineral abrasives, Normfinish Junior series injection blast cabinets are perfectly apt for many applications such as cleaning, rust removal, deburring, roughening, lapping and the like.

Junior Vorne
Junior Innen

Key Features At A Glance:

  • Suitable for all conventional abrasives
  • Convenient change of abrasives
  • Additional cleaning of blast media by means of a cyclone separator (DI models)
  • Automatic (timed) filter cleaning
  • Highly robust, rugged and ergonomic design with a load capacity of up to 350 kg (options available for heavier loads)
  • Two large access doors with safety system (prevents blasting when doors are open)
  • Adequately fulfils the NER standard (=dust emission)


A wide range of options is available to further enhance the cabinets' versatility. The most popular options are

  • Rotating cage for automated blasting of small components
  • Rotary table facilitating the rotation of heavy components; also available with rail system
  • Lead-through openings for excess-length parts
  • Multiple blast guns

Conventional manual blast cabinets are equipped with a funnel integrated into the cabinet, collecting the spent blast media together with dust, dirt and debris. During operation, the contaminated abrasive is aspirated and reused without prior cleaning, causing poor visibility inside the cabinet (dust), extended blast cycles (low granularity), contaminated components, etc.

Contrary to this, Normfinish DI cabinets are equipped with a cyclone separator to allow for additional cleaning and optimum preparation of the blast media and to provide clear visibility inside the cabinet. A welcome side effect of this unique design is the cabinets' ergonomic working height.

Specifications Model Junior


Model Junior
Blast chamber dimensions

Width 1.110 mm
Depth 800 mm
Height 860 mm
Cabinet dimensions
Width 1.250 mm
Depth 1.280 mm
Height (incl. motor) 1.925 mm
Door opening

Width 690 mm
Depth 795 mm
Floor grating
Working height 860 mm
approx. 265 kg
Air consumption ± 800-1.000 Ltr./min.
at 6 bar and Ø 3,7 mm air jet

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